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Slim Season

Womens Slim Season Havaianas - The trendiest shoe this season is supremely comfortable. The Womens Slim Season Havaiana takes the hottest patterns of the season cut to fit the slender ladies foot. The sandal base is 1.5 cm and is comfortable and durable. The strap is unique to Havaianas because it is more slender than the standard band, but remains the perfect middle between snug and comfortable. These sandals will catch the eyes of any guy, whether he is a Water-Polo player or a video game player. If you want a sandal that is comfortable enough to spend all day on, but tough enough for a bike ride around Positano then these are the flip-flops for you. These sandals are the perfect final touch on your outfit, because they are eye-catching without being too loud. Complete your outfit with the Slim Season Havaiana. This is the shoe made for the hip warm weather lover.

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