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Flash sweet

Womens Flash Sweet Havaianas - Sometimes it take just a little extra flair to get the guys to notice how great you look this summer. These sandals should grab the attention of any guy, because they are flashy and sexy. This summer shoe has a 1.5 cm sandal base that Havaianas are known for, which makes them comfortable and long-lasting. These sandals have a unique strap that makes them just a touch more elegant than the standard Havaiana. These sandals maintain the comforts of the standard Havaiana but just kick them up a notch. With unique comfort and durability, these sandals fit loosely but securely. No matter if you are spending the day in Bologna or in Messina, these sandals will look great on you and you will wonderful in them. Available in four colors, these shoes are some fashionable fun. You deserve a pair today!

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